Our story started in 1894.

Maritz began as a fine jewelry business, offering valuable goods to the marketplace. Today, we continue to offer valuable goods, but instead of engagement rings, we produce sales engagement and effectiveness.

We’re leaders in the industry, and we’ve spent the past 75 years helping our clients attract, engage and retain talent through impactful incentive programs. More than half of the Fortune 100 Companies offer an experience that Maritz has helped craft, and we’re not stopping there.

We’re using Behavioral and Decision Sciences to drive innovation and insight, creating incentive programs that are built with people in mind. Instead of doing what’s always been done, we do what’s right to motivate your team and move your business forward into the future.

We’re ready for what’s next.

Our company has evolved with experience, but we don’t rely on convention or customs. We partner with a network of scientists, academics, business leaders and practitioners focused on human behavior. Together, we tap into what’s next, using neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics to design incentive programs and develop strategies that drive success. Our solutions are backed by People Science, and we’re positioned to solve your business challenges today and tomorrow.

Let’s Get Started.

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