Drive sales success.

Our incentive management software is a cloud-based platform designed to include the features necessary to strategically incentivize your sellers to change behaviors and ultimately increase sales.

Unlock your sales team’s full potential.

You can create behavior change with a well-designed and well-managed incentive program.

Tracking technology

Maritz Incentive platform empowers your business to track spending and maximize ROI with streamlined, cloud-based management of promotions and participants.

Impactful promotion design and management

Create and control incentives for distinct groups or regions. Our optimized tool makes it easy for you to build out promotions with built-in rules and structures.

Timely and effective communication tools

With triggered and scheduled participant messaging, you can encourage engagement and reinforce the value of your program.

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User-friendly participant points wallet

Connect desired behavior with attractive rewards as you show participants the progress they’re making towards their defined sales goals.

Technology matters.

More than 70% of businesses use some level of program-specific technology to support their non-cash sales incentive programs.*    *Incentive Research Foundation

Use a powerful rewards portal 

Our incentive management software includes a base rewards portal with offerings to suit most clients’ needs, but upgrades are available if you’re looking for more.

Communications Hub

Quickly view all scheduled communications, easily create new program messages and confidently communicate to participants based on groups or promotions you’ve set up.

Easy Enrollment

Easily enroll participants in one of three ways: enrollment file upload, single sign on (SSO) or using a configurable form self-enrollment or manual entry by an administrator.

Participant Finder

Search accounts to view participant account details, payouts and earnings.

Transaction Double-Check

All sales transactions are inspected and corrected if necessary, to ensure incentives are fairly and accurately distributed.

Account Settings

Participants and administrators can manage their profile settings, including: username, password, profile picture, contact information and earnings profile. Multiple User Types and Permissions User types include both administrators and program participants.

Organizational Alignment

No matter how your org chart changes, we can quickly realign participants to avoid problems.

Dynamic Participant Segmentation

In just a few clicks, you can create participant groups based on location, organizational role or promotion to ensure you reach the right people.

Branded Content

Make the incentive platform interface your own by effortlessly updating images, main blocks of copy, resources for download, and support copy.

Promotion Websites

As you build out your promotion, you can create a supporting website for participants to visit and access promotion details, FAQs and more.

Administrative Access

Administrators can access participant accounts in “View As” mode to view the platform as an individual participant does; or “Use As” to actually use the incentive management software as a particular participant.


Detailed participant earnings and enrollment data available for administrators to view and download for further analysis.

Promo Wallet

Participants can view and manage their earnings from you and any third party you choose, increasing participant value and engagement.

Program Tool

Using our incentive management software, creating and deploying a new promotion has never been easier! Once you’ve mapped out your promotion and created content, you’ll be able to set up and launch a new promotion in less than 15 minutes.

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To unlock the power of incentives, communication is key.

Top performing businesses were 79% more likely than average companies to deliver regular incentive program communications.*   *Incentive Research Foundation

The right rewards motivate your team. 

The easily accessible online catalog leverages artificial intelligence and insight gained from participant data to present users with rewards that provide high value at a lower cost to you.

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