Each successful incentive program has four key elements that will be sure to put a smile on your participant’s face. Without these elements, you are left with gaping holes that do more to foster disengagement than connection.

For sales leaders looking to measurably grow sales and loyal relationships with their sales reps, our sales performance practice combines data-driven insights and expertise in human behavior to design and deliver more targeted and engaging performance improvement.

The four strategies you must have are:

  1. Attention-Getting Strategies – Attention is the currency of the modern age
  2. Goal Commitment Strategy – Allow your participants to internalize the outcome
  3. Feedback Strategies – Ensure this feedback is visual
  4. Reward Strategies – Create memorable moments

However, just haphazardly placing these pieces in your incentive program is not enough to ensure your program has life. Instead you need delicate placement and positioning of these elements in the incentive program to make sure you get a lasting positive response from your participants.

Watch the video below to get more insights into these elements and how they fit within a successful incentive program.

Without these four key elements, your program will be lifeless and missing elements to engage your participants. And if not placed correctly, your program will likely create poor participant experience.

The key is perfectly aligning these elements to ensure your participants are happy and engaged.

What elements are you missing in your programs? Let us know in the comments.

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